Vriksharopana and Halakarshana

On July 14, 1928, Rabindranath Tagore started the Vriksharopana Utsav (Tree Planting Ceremony) by planting a bokul sapling in Pearson Pally neighbouring. This tree planting festival, or Vriksharopana at Santiniketan, was initiated by Tagore regularly in 1936, and since then it has been continued as a Santiniketan ritual. This seasonal festival at Santiniketan is picturesque … Read more

Rathindra Mela

The students of Palli Samgathana Vibhaga, Sriniketan, for last few years, have been organising a fair on 27th November commemorating the birth anniversary of Rathindranath Tagore, son of Rabindranath Tagore.

Ananda Bazar

A small colourful fair is organised by the students of Visva-Bharati at Gourprangan on the day of Mahalaya before the long holidays for Sharod Utsav (Puja holiday). This fair is known as Ananda Bazar. The profit earned from the sales proceeds from this fair go towards a Fund used for charity.

Pous Mela

The history of Poush Mela coincides with the ceremonial opening of the Upasana Griha (Prayer Hall) of Santiniketan. The opening day celebration of the Bhramha Prayer Hall in Santiniketan was held on 21 December 1891 (7th Poush 1298 of Bengali Calendar). In 1888, the Santiniketan Trust Deed was drawn, provision was made for a Mela. … Read more

Nandan Mela

Nandan Mela, the art fair, organized by Kala Bhavana in its campus, on 1st and 2nd December every year before the birthday of Nandalal Bose, to commemorate his birth anniversary. Nandalal Bose took charge of Kala Bhavana in 1922 and is considered to be the man who shaped the institute. The master-artist believed that a … Read more


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